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A Superfood Side is Born

Super Food Side Broccolini_cropped

by Loree Dowse | January 2017

A year ago, iconic chicken restaurant Chick Fil A caused quite a stir by announcing it was discontinuing its cole slaw and replacing it with a healthier alternative: the Superfood Side. Stuffed with Broccolini®, kale, dried sour cherries, roasted nuts and tossed in a maple vinaigrette, the salad was developed by Atlanta-based chef and James Beard Award nominee, Ford Fry. Whose Broccolini was in that Superfood Side, anticipated by the chain to use 20% of the total supply in the U.S.? OURS!

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We’ll Drink to That

drinks with fruit slices on a wooden background

by Loree Dowse | December 2016

While fresh-squeezed fruit juices have become common on any cocktail menu worth its bearded mixologist, some of America’s best bartenders are turning to vegetables to incorporate more unique components into their drinks. The two might seem an unlikely pair at first, but the juxtaposition of savory and spirited provides a fresh slap of flavor that really wakes up your taste buds.

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