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10 Players, One Heartbeat: How a Company Softball Team Promotes Wellness

February 2018

Loree’s note: Today’s post was written by Jacob Shafer, our illustrious Broccolini Bombers Team Captain. Oh, he’s also our Senior Communications Specialist.

A company that plays together, stays together!

Last year, the leadership at Mann’s wanted to get creative when it came to combating the physical effects employees endure from sitting all day at a desk (such as weight gain, joint pain, and conditions like heart disease and diabetes). From that, the Mann’s Wellness Committee was born.

We understood changing corporate culture wasn’t going to be easy, but with a diverse slate of wellness-related activities, we’ve seen tremendous engagement, including our corporate softball team: The Broccolini Bombers!

For us, it’s more than the chase for the trophy, the glory of winning a pennant, and even the pride of working together towards a common goal (not to mention the bragging rights). It’s about wellness and living heart-healthy lives.

Come to any game and you may hear “Wellness is where it’s at; Hit that ball with that bat; We’re from Mann’s, Couldn’t be prouder; If you can’t hear us, We’ll shout louder!”

Not only are the Bombers dynamos on the field, but a plethora of other, ancillary benefits come from being a part of the team. The playful environment enables the kind of casual collaboration and bonding that companies spend millions of dollars to achieve, such as open plan offices and off-site retreats.

Whether an employee plays or cheers from the stands, the team provides an excellent way to get together outside the office. Everyone gets to have fun and support each other. At the same time, we send a morale-boosting message to staff that shows just how much the company values fun and camaraderie.

Chef Loree takes employees through making healthy salad bar choices at a recent Lunch & Learn in our Broccolini Cafe

Mann’s practices what it preaches. For example, the company has great wellness class options offered at the office almost daily like Barre, Pilates, Yoga and Circuit Training. We also sponsor local fitness events like the American Heart Association’s Heart & Stroke Walk, as well as offering “lunch & learn” educational workshops and health screenings.

Speaking of heart-healthy, we continue our sponsorship of the American Heart Association by going red for women in the fight against heart disease.

Mann’s employees supported the American Heart Association’s annual Go Red for Women lunch last week

The AHA’s Go Red For Women campaign educates people across the globe about stress and mindfulness as it relates to cardiovascular disease. You’ll find Mann’s employees at the annual Central Coast Go Red For Women Luncheon and we have worked hard to raise awareness of heart disease and empower our employees with the resources to lead heart-healthy lives. In fact, we just celebrated National Wear Red Day® at our headquarters here in Salinas – #GoRed!

As part of an overall healthy lifestyle, wellness activities can help lower blood pressure, increase lung capacity, improve respiratory function and heart rate, boost circulation and most of all reduce stress. So here’s to heart healthy living!

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