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March 2016

Our illustrious CEO, Lorri Koster, once said that working in the produce industry does something to your consciousness, knowing that what you’re creating for the world is healthy, elemental and essential.

She’s right, of course. But as with everything, there are vegetables. AND THEN THERE ARE VEGETABLES. By this I’m talking about iceberg lettuce versus kale. Celery versus Brussels sprouts (see my ode to the orb in last week’s post). Water versus vitamins/fiber/antioxidants/flavor. Vegetables at the top of their respective food chain have the highest density of all of these attributes, and then some.

Over the last few years, consumers have clued into these “apex” veggies for their obvious health benefits and amazing flavor (see CBS News’s recent article discussing the popularity of kale affecting seed supply in the US). But what’s next? Who do foodservice operators see as the next up-and-comers in the vegetable realm?

Harkening back to the Viva la Veggies survey that we’ve been exploring in posts over the last few weeks, today we’re looking at CUTTING EDGE VEG. These are the on-the-cusp veggies that may or may not have hit mainstream, but according to the operators we surveyed are certainly making an impact on menus due to their versatility (hello, kohlrabi!), their mini kale cuteness (Kalettes, are your ears burning?), or their plain ol’ deliciousness (kale, we could eat you every day. We really could).

So here is this week’s list of vegetables considered cutting edge by foodservice operators. Enjoy, then fire up that Vitamix to whip up a Mann’s Power Blend smoothie.

technomic-study_block_Cutting Edge Veg

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