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A Day in the Life: Mann’s Intern

September 2017

Loree’s note: this is the first of a new series for our blog, “A Day in the Life.” We’ll be profiling Mann’s employees from all aspects of our business – everywhere from the fields to the plant to the boardroom – to get a glimpse at all the amazing people who make this company what it is. First up is an account from Edward Bueno about his experiences as an intern here in the marketing department, both as a high school senior and now, as a recent graduate of UC Berkeley. Thanks, Bozz, for all your hard work!

Edward “The Bozz” Bueno

During my senior year of high school I was looking to start making and managing my own money, with the high cost of college looming ahead of me. The stars aligned and Mann Packing happened to be looking for a new intern. Just a couple weeks later I began working at Mann’s in the marketing department, putting in as many hours as I could every day after school.

As the office intern, many of my coworkers were happy to pass along some of the more mundane work to be done: data entry, reorganizing company merchandise, and filing seemingly endless purchase orders. But besides these intern rites of passage, I also got some truly amazing work experience, especially for a high school student. I helped build a database to send alerts to our customers in the event of product recalls. To help the department get insight on new product packaging, I drove to grocery stores to administer surveys and collect direct customer feedback. On one occasion I got to sit in on a day-long meeting full of agriculture leaders and CEOs. And if I ever decide to pursue a career in Hollywood, I have Mann Packing to thank for my first ever acting credit — a recurring role as newscaster Edward “The Bozz” Bueno. Below is a link to my groundbreaking interview with the Easter bunny discussing Mann’s Lettuce Revolution. But nothing good lasts forever, and at the end of the summer after high school graduation, I said goodbye to my coworkers to leave for my first year at UC Berkeley.

Fast forward four years and I am now graduated with a Bachelors degree in public health. Fortunately I was able to secure a full time job, but I still had about a month and a half left at home that I didn’t know what to do with. I had just signed a lease and the first/last month’s rent plus security deposit that it required left my savings account in a sad state. I reached out to Mann’s to see if the marketing department could use an extra hand. Only a few days later I was back in the office.

An inevitable right of passage for our interns: becoming one with the Snap Man suit

Returning to 1333 Schilling Place was a bit surreal. In four years a lot had changed — lots of new employees, a company gym, a huge new breakroom. About two years ago my mom started working here in the sales department, and she eagerly introduced me to all her coworkers. At the same time it was still very familiar. I sit in the same cubicle I did four years back. One of my fellow interns now works here as a full time employee. All the familiar faces welcomed me back with open arms, and it was easy to jump right into work. Most of my time has been spent on a single project: creating nutrition labels and PDFs for dozens of recipes that need to be loaded to Mann’s new website. Spending the summer at home has made me a bit lazy with cooking, so I can only hope I’ll be able to replicate some of these when I move out.

In a few weeks, I’ll be moving to San Francisco to start a job at a healthcare consulting firm. While I intend to pursue healthcare, I’m extremely grateful for the time I spent here. I was born and raised in the Salinas Valley, and I really enjoyed learning so much about the industry that drives our local economy. This internship gave me a great foundation to be successful in college. The skills I learned here allowed me to get many other jobs even years afterward. I’m grateful to have joined the Mann Packing family as early as I did, and am excited to see the growth and innovation that come about in the next 4 years, and the many more to come.




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