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Why We Love 5K’s: A Journey in Sponsorship and Giving Back

August 2018

Over the past two decades, running long distances has gone from a curious hobby to a full-on phenomenon that touches over 20 million Americans each year. According to Running USA, there are nearly 2,000 marathons in the U.S. alone – five times more than a decade ago – with half marathon and 5K events growing the fastest.

As this year’s race season reaches its summer peak, it’s the perfect time to get those feet moving and join in on the fun; enter the Fit Foodie Festival.

The concept of Fit Foodie was born from the idea that exercise and delicious culinary experiences are not mutually exclusive. The festivals are super unique experiences that blend food with fitness. You can catch them (and us!) throughout the year in Austin, TX, Denver, CO, Fairfax, VA, and San Diego, CA.

At the events, you’ll find us offering up delicious Stringless Sugar Snap Peas – the perfect post-run snack. There’s music, cooking demos, fitness classes and, yes, Snap Mann is always in attendance!

There were over 20,000 Fit Foodie runners who crossed the finish line last year and celebrated health, wellness and foodie passions during the post-race festivities. As they say: Calories burned, calories earned.

Beyond the rollicking festivals, Fit Foodie’s support is focused on the nationwide campaign known as No Kid Hungry.

Obviously, we’re into to healthy living – veggies made easy is what we do – so a partnership with Fit Foodie and the opportunity to support a movement to connect kids in need with nutritious food and educating families on how to cook healthy, affordable meals was a no-brainer. For all of us, the race is on to fight childhood hunger – we want to help, and so can you.

When you sign-up for a Fit Foodie event, you’ll be joining the movement to end childhood hunger in America.

Ready, set, go!




  • Lorraine Danielson says:

    I love my Mann’s! Just finished adding some of your peas into my usual noodle soup! What a difference it makes for flavor, colour and of course nutrition! Thanx Mann’s! Just to let you know….I used my coupon to buy your peas!

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