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Game Day Snacks

January 2018

What’s just as important as the size of the television on which you’ll be watching The Big Game next weekend? The FOOD you’ll be eating, of course! Now, we’re not silly enough to try to steer you away from throwing down a spread of craveable, tailgate-worthy snacks. But may we suggest a few easy ways to add some veggies into the mix? We did, after all, drop some not-so-subtle hints about keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions in our last post. Just saying.

Suggestion #1: Veggie Trays

Vegetable trays are just about the easiest way to get fresh, crunchy veggies into the hands of your friends and family on game day. Paired with classic dips and other munchable combinations, our Snacking Favorites Vegetable Trays are peel-back-the-lid simple. The best part? Through Tuesday, we’ll be sending trays in time for the game to 5 winners who follow us on Instagram @VeggiesMadeEasy. Good luck!

Suggestion #2: Sugar Snap Peas

You’ve heard us extolling the virtues of our Stringless Sugar Snap Peas in our Snap to It post. You’ve seen cute kids gobbling them up in our snacking video here:

We keep talking about them because, well, they’re worth talking about. Sweet, crunchy and delicious, sugar snap peas go well with dips of all kinds and are a great alternative to chips.

Suggestion #3: Start Cooking

In the mood to get in the kitchen and whip up some tasty game day fare? You can’t go wrong with the recipes below.

Warm Cheesy Shaved Brussels Sprouts Dip

Warning: this dip is seriously addictive. Serve this straight out of the oven with some sliced baguette, and watch your hot wings get the cold shoulder.

Smoked Salmon Street Tacos

The smokiness of the cured salmon along with the chipotle drizzle is a perfect counterpoint to our Kale Beet Blend. These go down in about two flavorful bites.

Sugar Snap Peas with Beet and Walnut Hummus

This beet and walnut hummus gets an extra punch of flavor from the addition of blue cheese. Paired with sugar snap peas, you get a serious explosion of yumminess in your mouth.

Beef and Veggie Power Blend Pot Stickers

These pot stickers take a bit of work, but they’re worth it. You can even assemble them the day before, and cook them just before the game starts.

Cheesy Cauli Tots

This recipe made it to the finals at a food show a couple months ago, and the judges – kids from a local elementary school – inhaled them. Put a bowl of marinara sauce out for dipping, and watch them disappear.

Enjoy the game!



  • Lisa Kisch says:

    For me the food is so important at the day of Super Bowl. Thanks for posting these healthy snacks! Still only able to get Mann’s Power Blend. I buy it each week and use it in salads, soups and slaws! Sure do wish I could get your brussel sprouts, romaine and pea pods here at our Marketplace Foods! Keep doing what you are doing love your products and emails!

    • Loree Dowse says:

      Hi Lisa – I couldn’t agree more. I know this is sacrilegious to say, but for me the Big Game is less about football than it is the food! Let me know what you end up making. – Loree

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