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Happy Mann-iversary!

June 2017

800 sausages. 720 chicken thighs. 700 employees. 180 pounds of Mann’s veggies. And 1 intern in a giant green snap pea outfit.

Those are just a few of the numbers behind the Mann Packing Annual BBQ that took place on Wednesday at our plant on Hansen Street. While a DJ spun tunes, employee volunteers helped grill, make salads, and serve each other lunch. It all happened again Wednesday evening for the night shift workers.

Employees cheer each other on as their names are called

The most impressive numbers though, came during our recognition ceremony. It’s our tradition every year to present longevity awards to those who have worked at Mann’s for 20 years or longer. Get this: 109 people have worked here 20-29 years. 13 people have worked here 30-39 years. And 3 people have been here 40 years and more.

In today’s gig economy, we think that’s pretty impressive. I sat down with a few employees celebrating their “Mann-iversary” and tried to get to the heart of what makes working here so special.

What’s the best part about working at Mann Packing?

Diana P, Sales. Mann’s Class of 1996: “I know people say this all the time, but it’s true. The people I work with in Sales, I love them all!”

Debbie T, Human Resources. Mann’s Class of 1986: “The people here are hard-working and kind, and the owners have worked hard to maintain a family-owned feeling.”

Ricardo R, Shipping. Mann’s Class of 1986: “Everyone from the line workers to upper management, we all appreciate what the other does. I’ve worked here since I was 19 years old, and I hope to retire here. It’s a really good place.”

All in the family: Cody Ramsey with his grandfather, Bill Ramsey, a partner and owner at Mann Packing for more than 40 years

What is it that makes Mann Packing special?

Diana: “That it feels like one big family”

Debbie: “The owners really promote a sense of work-life balance. They’re family owned, and family friendly. They really get that.”

Ricardo: “ We really are a family.”

What has changed the most over the years?

Diana: “The diversity of our products. When I started, we had Broccomole as our one “specialty” item. Now, wow – we have so many great items, and they just keep getting better.”

Debbie: “Back in the day, we were still hand-bunching broccoli and loading it into railroad cars on the side of our shipping dock. Now the machinery, the maintenance, the number of skus….it’s pretty amazing.”

Ricardo: “We’re still doing the same things, it’s just how we’re doing it. It was busy back then but nothing compared to now.”

CEO Lorri Koster enjoys the DJ with Snap Man

Any favorite memories?

Diana: “My co-worker tried to scare me once by jumping out at me in the kitchen. He hit his head on the door and ended up lying flat on his back, moaning. It wasn’t funny at the time, but every time I think about it now it cracks me up.”

Debbie: “All of our team sports and parties. It’s great to be able to bond with people outside the workday.”

Ricardo: “Friday afternoons. Sharing a drink with co-workers on the back of a pickup truck after working hard all week.”


  • Marie says:

    Hey happy Mann-iversary 🙂

  • art toft says:

    Congratulations– Quality products, quality staff

  • Joy Berry says:

    Absolutely love Mann products. When dealing with people at HO they are the friendliest, most polite, courteous staff anywhere. Such wonderful recipe ideas and when purchased the products can’t be beat for freshness, taste and quality. Always look for the Mann name when needing fresh vegetables and ideas.

    Love you guys.

  • Madeleine Nelson says:

    I live in Vancouver BC and came to the Mann brand after discovering Snap Peas at my local Safeway; now owned by Sobey’s to my regret.
    I had occasion to write the former customer relations person (forgive me for not remembering her name — Susan I think) enquiring about the origin of a product in my attempt to avoid foods from China. I could not have had more careful and helpful attention. A couple of further enquiries over the years have been equally well dealt with.
    I just wish there were more Mann products available here. They are of the highest quality and so appreciated.
    The celebration/recognition outlined above somehow make the products all the more special. What a team!
    Thanks so much.

    • Loree Dowse says:

      Thanks, Madeleine! We always recommend that you ask your store produce manager to stock specific products. They will often do so if they get enough requests. All the best, Loree

  • Claudette bergman says:

    Wonderful for this day and age.
    Great employees being treated well and fair.
    Makes your veggies all the more tasty!!

  • Claudette says:

    Wonderful for this day and age.
    Great employees being treated well and fair.
    Makes your veggies all the more tasty!!

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