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Making the Cut

May 2017

Foggy June Gloom may have already arrived here in the Salinas Valley (hey, happy lettuce!), but it’s not keeping us from planning epic Memorial Day get-togethers. And we have a new product line here at Mann’s that is perfect for barbecues, family taco night, and more.

Single Cut™ lettuces from our friends at Fresh Leaf Farms (and our rockstar grower Mike Costa) just made your time in the kitchen a whole lot shorter. With four different lettuce varieties – Better Burger Leaf, Better Romaine, Better Green Leaf, and Better Red Leaf – each Single Cut tray contains the equivalent of one head. The best part? The leaves have already been cored, trimmed and washed – ready to go whenever you are.

For your Memorial Day soiree, Better Burger Leaf is a no-brainer. An ingenious cross between green leaf and iceberg, its leaves are round and flat with beautiful frilly edges – perfect for hamburger buns. It stands up to heat well, too, so don’t worry about throwing straight-off-the-grill goodies right on top of them. It really IS a better burger leaf.

You can’t go wrong with a classic

A quick and easy Caesar salad is an obvious choice for Better Romaine, but this Single Cut lettuce is also great for hoagie sandwiches, gluten free wraps, and lettuce cups. A favorite at my house: ground chicken sautéed with red bell pepper, water chestnuts and green onions, tossed with a stir fry sauce and spooned into Better Romaine. Delish.

Nothing says “sandwich” like the emerald frilliness of Better Green Leaf. That’s part of the beauty of the Single Cut line – if you need just one or two leaves for your chicken salad on sourdough, BOOM! There they are. Tossed in salads, shredded for tacos, subbed for bread….the possibilities are endless.

Tuna Salad Bites with Better Red Leaf

Looking to add some color to your life? Shake things up a bit with Better Red Leaf. With a velvety texture and softer bite, Better Red Leaf’s mild flavor pairs well with Asian dressings, fresh herbs, grilled fruit or even a dry, nutty shaved cheese. Not to mention its stunning burgundy color.

Memorial Day is the official kick off to salad season, so grab some Single Cut lettuces from Fresh Leaf Farms and go relax by the pool. ‘Cause we’ve got you covered.






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