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February 2016

In last week’s post, we discussed the Technomic Food Service Operator Assessment that we conducted, and took a look at the consumer and operator trends that are affecting menu offerings.

This week we’re getting down to brass tacks: money. How do operators view produce when it comes to affecting their bottom lines? Certainly, the higher price of animal protein came up repeatedly. So too did vegetables’ ability to quite handily consume real estate on the plate versus smaller portions of other items.

Obviously, while the boost in vegetables on the plate might be a cost management strategy, what we’re seeing with all this veg-centric talk is the result of multiple factors. Consumer health concerns, more adventurous consumers, and the plain ol’ celebration of produce in and of itself are all key contributors.

We here at Mann’s like that last celebration aspect, of course. Hey, we didn’t name this report Viva la Veggies for nothing.


technomic-study_block_VEGGIE VALUE ADD_UPDATED

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