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Viva la Veggies

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February 2016

Here at Mann’s, we obviously know our veggies – we’ve lived and breathed them for almost 77 years now. But what about food service operators? What do they think of those beautiful bombs of goodness? We set out to get some insight into what consumers are wanting and what food service operators are doing as a result.

Late last year, Technomic surveyed 305 operators – both commercial and non-commercial – to help us get a sense of how veggies are being used, how they are viewed, and current and future menu trends.

We figured you wouldn’t want to sit and read a 68-page Powerpoint presentation, so we’ve boiled down the findings and will be posting them to our blog over the next few weeks. The bottom line: vegetables are definitely having a moment (we hope it’s more like a century, but you get the gist). We’ve named the report “Viva la Veggies,” and once you peruse the results, you’ll see why.

This week we’re taking a look at consumer and operator trends – more specifically, what people are looking for in their menu options. The main theme we heard from operators: customers are more health conscious and are demanding better-for-you choices. Chick-Fil-A is certainly heeding this call, with the introduction of their new Broccolini™ and Kale side dish that has replaced their legendary cole slaw. May it Rest in Peace.


Still don’t believe us? See the charts below for direct operator quotes on this very palpable demand, and look for our next post examining Veggie Value Add, and how vegetables are helping operators’ bottom line.

Infographic on Technomic Survey

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