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Why We Love 5K’s: A Journey in Sponsorship and Giving Back

by Loree Dowse | August 2018

Join the fun-run revolution to get fit and, in the case of Fit Foodie, enjoy some delicious food along the way – all for a good cause! Find out more about these events and how to get involved.

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Introducing… Caulilini™

Caulilini SweetStem Cauliflower

by Loree Dowse | July 2018

Today, we’re all aflutter here at Mann’s over the newest member of the family: Caulilini™ SweetStem™ Cauliflower. The reviews are in and people are raving about this brand new veggie. It’s sure to be a hit on any menu! Find out more about this intriguing variety of cauliflower.

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