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11 Healthy After-School Snack Ideas

by Loree Dowse | September 2017

The kids are finally back in school. Homework, sports, music, and all amounts of social activities have just ratcheted up by a factor of fifty. In this week’s post, we’ve pulled together some fast, tasty, and HEALTHY snacks using Mann’s veggies that will put some pep in your little one’s afternoon step. The recipes are simple, and your kiddos can help you or make these on their own. From smoothies to dippers to gluten-free Cauliette “breadsticks,” there’s something for everyone.

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The Birth of Broccolini®

by Loree Dowse | August 2017

Broccolini® – that elegantly green vegetable with the slender, edible stem, tender miniature florets and a taste sweeter than broccoli – seems like it has been in our lives forever. Not so. In fact, Broccolini has only graced our plates for less than 20 years. So just how did a brand new vegetable go from non-existence to near-ubiquity in such a short period of time? The answer lies somewhere between an amazing product, a market hungry for something new, and some impressive marketing acumen on the part of a company called Mann Packing.

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