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Why We Go Red


by Loree Dowse | February 2017

We are honored to give today’s blog reigns over to our CEO, Lorri Koster. Mann Packing has been a supporter of the American Heart Association for a long time, for a very personal reason. For us, February – Heart Month – is a time to focus on our health, our families, and all the things we have to live for. The AHA’s motto is “Life is Why.” So grab a tissue, and read about our “Why.”

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Sunday Supper


by Loree Dowse | January 2017

This past Sunday, over 115 people gathered for Sunday Supper to celebrate Mann’s Nourish Bowls. Recipes were traded along with jokes and stories, and the joys of gathering around the table as a family were celebrated. Did I mention this get-together took place on Twitter?

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