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Healthy Summer Salads

Photo by VeguKate

Chopped Summer Salad with Figs and Avocado by Vegukate

June 2019

This summer, we know you’re probably hitting the beach or enjoying some natural beauty, but you’re probably also looking for new salad inspiration to keep things exciting in the kitchen. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Valley Fig Growers and some of our favorite bloggers to create some incredibly tasty, but easy to make #SummerSalads recipes. Perfect for a potluck BBQ or summer weeknight dinner, each of these recipes will pair nicely with your favorite proteins from the grill. Read on to see these refreshing summer salad recipes!

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Kohlrabi: One of the Most Amazing Vegetables You’ve Never Heard Of

May 2019

Kohlrabi (pronounced kohl-rah-be), also called a German turnip, is part of the brassica (cruciferous vegetable) family. At Mann’s, we’re huge fans of Kohlrabi. So much so that we now have 13 products that feature it, including most of Mann’s Nourish Bowls®. But, what exactly is it?

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